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The objective of the SUN LIFE project is to define a management strategy for the entire regional network that ensures effective and lasting management through the attainment and maintenance of a favorable conservation status of habitats and species through the identification of conservation measures, the restoration of connectivity and ecological functionality, and of potential sources of European, national and regional funding.

The Strategy intends to on the one hand experiment an integrated, unitary and coordinated management of the Network by introducing new management, conservation and landscape upgrading measures, in application of the European Landscape Convention, and on the other measures aiming at a sustainable development of “green” employment and tourism, compatible with the conservation of protected habitats and species.


An integration that seems indispensable considering that: the fragmentation of land, landscape and ecological functions is a major threat to species, habitats and ecosystems, deteriorated by climate change, and needs to be addressed on a wide scale of actions that take into account the entire territory.

This is particularly relevant in Umbria which embodies the historical features of the Bel Paesaggio Italiano.


The conservation of biodiversity and the success of the Natura 2000 network are based on a balanced relationship between the environment, the social needs and the economic activities of the people living there, with a view to sustainable development. The financial resources are few and it is therefore essential to make an efficient use of the funds available, drawing with an integrated and coordinated approach from all the resources made available in the various sectors related to Natura 2000.






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