Compensation payments for Natura 2000 areas in Umbria

PSR 2014-2020

Farmers operating in agricultural areas of high natural value can apply compensation payments until May 15

High-value agricultural areas play a central role in rural development policies aimed at conserving biodiversity and integrating agricultural activities and protecting the environment. In Umbria, about 334 hectares of land are classified as areas of high natural value where agriculture represents the prevalent land use and maintains, or is associated with, a large variety of species and habitats of Community interest. The application of conservative/sustainable agricultural practices is an essential element for the maintenance and protection of soil biodiversity and fertility. All farmers who carry out their activities in the Natura 2000 areas can benefit from the assistance provided by the Umbria’s RDP for 2014-2020. In addition to the normal investments, compensation payments are provided to offset additional costs and income foregone when implementing the protection and conservation of biodiversity in those areas.

The Umbria Region has recently (with Decree n.3526 of 11/04) approved the announcement of the sub-measure 12.1 “Compensation for Natura 2000 agricultural areas” with an available resource of 1,500,000 euros. Individual agricultural entrepreneurs, Municipalities and their associations and agricultural communities can access the benefits of the measure. The compensation payments foreseen by the measure are granted to subjects who carry out agricultural activities on Natura 2000 sites, and which have “disadvantaged” conditions determined by the adoption of the constraints contained in the Management Plans (and of the good agricultural practices indicated in the Farmers Guide produced by SUN LIFE Umbria Project). In order to obtain the aid envisaged by the measure, the applicant assumes the declarations and commitments envisaged in the application form available online on the SIAN portal ( Applications must be submitted until May 15.

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